Vampires Never Die Journal

October 13, 2015

According to the article on Vampires Never Dies, as I recall back in my younger years, we would tell ghost stories, it would bring chills to my spirit. Which explains why I don’t particular liked scary stories, it leaves a feeling of negativity, imagination and nightmares. Although, it can leave general ideas to create characters, and write a story on novel vampires. Also I recall back in the 1970s, there was a show called “Dark Shadows”, it plays a character who was romantic, and he would come out during the evenings, sleep during the day time. I feel that a vampire is after a victim and wants to be in control of the individual, and only after one thing from that individual. Due to my disbelief in vampires and non-fiction wise tale. Also against my religious believes, it leaves of no interest in these type of movies. I think its’ interesting to have two authors, who works together such as Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan to create general ideas, solving mystery and of horror novels.

Thank you, student
Marie Perez

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